Cromford Mills

The Story

Cromford Mills is a Grade 1 Listed building and UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the birthplace of the modern factory system.

The project aims are to:

  • Reinstate a waterwheel (first installed by Sir Richard Arkwright in 1776) providing hydroelectric power at Cromford Mills (potential capacity 20kW).
  • Get existing hydro turbine at Cromford Corn Mill back in service (capacity 12kW, last working in 2012).
  • Install a water source heat pump at Cromford Mill to replace electric heating.

The Mill is now a thriving local attraction and centre of learning which receives over 200,000 visitors per year. The Arkwright experience is a first class holographic audio visual experience that explains the history of the Mill.  The whole community is behind the project and look forward to seeing the water wheel reinstated.

Visit the Cromford Mills website to find out the latest progress on the project.

Key facts and figures

Community benefits

The Parish Council does not have resources to maintain the existing historic waterways. The Hydro scheme will allow this to be funded annually.

The new waterwheel will attract more visitors to the site and increase tourism in the area.

kw of energy created through hydro power
tonnes of CO2 savings per year