As we look towards Net Zero, the needs for transport becomes closely aligned with the needs of the energy system

The Midlands Net Zero Hub took this opportunity to explore co-location of energy generation, refuelling, and other activities such as freight consolidation.

Such hubs must consider transport volumes, space requirements, infrastructure needs, and demonstrate the investment and partner opportunities to progress.

Coventry and Warwickshire proposed a hub at Anstey Park – named the City Linking Energy And Network Hub, CLEAN Hub. The CW CLEAN Hub Concept Scoping Document sets out what such a site could look like working with the specifics of site and partner needs.

Following the initial scoping document, partners came together to identify strategic and economically viable locations across the Midlands in order to propose a ‘backbone’ network of Energy and Transport Hubs

‘MEH Transport Hubs’ identified locations with regional partners and shortlisted these sites based on criteria such as space available, proximity to key transport routes, grid connection, and more.

11 high priority sites were proposed giving an even spread of proposed infrastructure. Next steps are being identified to progress Strategic and Business Cases for individual sites.

Read the reports

CW CLEAN Concept Scoping Document

Midlands Regional Transport Hubs 

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