Each of the five regional Net Zero Hubs across the country have been tasked with creating a toolkit based on a national energy projects. The purpose of these toolkits is to share best practice with local enterprise partnerships, local authorities, and other interested parties.

Establishing public-private joint ventures and partnerships for investment in and delivery of energy schemes – Midlands Net Zero Hub

This guide will help you to develop mutually beneficial relationships to complete energy related projects by setting up public-private joint ventures. With the help of this introductory information, local authorities can attract investment to deliver local and regional energy projects at a greater scale and scope.

Local energy best practice guide – South West Net Zero Hub

This suite of high-level guidance is designed for local authorities with less experience of the energy sector. The local energy guide sets out the role of local net zero hubs, while the Local Authority Procurement for Energy Assets best practice document sets out key elements for successful energy project procurement. The South West Net Zero Hub has also created a step-by-step guide to energy projects from initial questions and scoping to making an investment decision.

Managing investment and delivery of energy and renewables schemes – North West Net Zero Hub

Local Energy North West Hub has created a resource for identifying and organising information relevant to the delivery of energy projects across England. By raising awareness of best practice and funding options, as well as enabling programmes, their guide will help local hubs to drive public and private investment into clean energy infrastructure.

Assessment of potential barriers and routes for decentralised energy schemes in rural and urban fringe areas in the UK – North East and Yorkshire Net Zero Hub

Decentralised energy production is the generation of electricity or heat on a local scale. This report sets out the values available in the current market to new energy producers who are looking to enter the market, as well as looking at the potential barriers and routes to entry.

Mapping energy and utilities infrastructure for regional spatial planning – Greater South East Net Zero Hub

The South East Hub is investigating current processes to spatial mapping of energy assets to understand how a national approach might be beneficial. This exercise will result in a proposal being developed for a national platform for energy mapping that all Hubs can use.

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