Find out what’s feasible in community energy projects with new information hub

Community energy projects bring benefits to local groups across England by helping them to maximise the income-generating potential of renewable energy and put this income to work in their area. By increasing the uptake of locally owned renewable energy, these initiatives support the Government’s targets for reaching net zero.

Projects like these benefit the communities by promoting rural growth, creating new jobs and volunteering opportunities, and enabling communities to access the economic benefits associated with renewable energy schemes. Through the Rural Community Energy Fund, the Hub supported 35 projects through Stage 1 and a further seven through Stage 2.

To share the knowledge of what is achievable for community groups, we have created a new area on the Midlands Net Zero Hub website which includes the feasibility studies from the projects we supported. From a heat network at Brassington village in Derbyshire to reinstating the water mill at Cromford Mills (a UNESCO World Heritage site), there are lots of examples to inspire your projects.

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