Ekington Hydro

The Story

Renewables First feasibility assessment of a hydroelectric power (HEP) scheme situated in the River Avon in Eckington, Pershore. The scheme would utilise the head across the Eckington Weir. An Archimedean screw is the most suitable turbine technology and would be installed around the existing lock. The electrical generation could be exported to the grid and the system would operate in parallel with the grid.

The financial success of the scheme is dependent on the existing HEP scheme at the Eckington Weir not becoming operational. The HEP scheme has the potential to achieve a peak power output of 13.7 kW per Archimedean screw. A 3-screw system has been determined to offer the best return on investment and has the potential to generate 228,000 kWh of electricity per year. This equates to a CO 2 emission saving of almost 42 tonnes/year.

The capital cost for a 3-screw system has been estimated to be £847k, giving a levelised cost of energy of £188/MWh.

Challenges and risks

The costs of the project is going to be the main issue. The group are trying to collaborate with the Parish Council to rally support. The abstraction license may also be prohibitive and the project will need planning permission.

Key facts and figures

Community benefits

The scheme offer the potential to provide energy for local electric vehicle car parking which would be positive infrastructure for the community.

kW from hydro power
kW energy produced per annum
tonnes of CO2 savings per annum

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