Navigate the complexities of electrifying council depots thanks to Midlands Net Zero Hub’s new guide

Many local authorities across the Midlands and beyond have declared climate emergencies and committed to reaching net zero within the next ten years. To achieve these goals, it will be necessary to eliminate carbon emissions from their fleet operations.

Transitioning from a fossil-fuelled fleet to an equivalent electric fleet will present challenges for local authorities as they will need to install appropriate electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at the depots where electric vehicles are to be based.

These depot electrification projects also entail engaging with external stakeholders to upgrade connections to the electricity distribution network and developing an understanding of the technology and technical language used when specifying EV charging equipment.

In conversations with local authority partners, the Midlands Net Zero Hub identified a need for a guide to assist those navigating the complexities of these depot electrification projects. Our guide provides local authorities with the essential knowledge required to enable them to scope, design, and install depot-scale EV charging infrastructure.

The guide does not investigate transitioning the vehicle fleet itself, but instead focuses on the engineering work that needs to be undertaken at depots to ensure only robust, reliable, and future-proofed EV charging solutions are procured.

Michael Gallagher, Head of Midlands Net Zero Hub, said: “This guide has been produced to support decision makers and project officers to navigate the complexities of depot electrification projects. We believe this guide will prove invaluable to our partners, both in the Midlands and nationally, as they embark on the shared endeavour to eliminate carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions from public sector fleets. Thank you to our partners who have assisted with the creation of the Electrification of Council Depots Guide.”

Read the full Electrification of Council Depots Guide now.