Celebrating women for IWD – Yarely Aguilar Perez

This week, we have been shining a light on some of our female colleagues at Midlands Net Zero Hub for International Women’s Day 2024. In our penultimate article, we are speaking to Yarely, who is a Senior Fuel Poverty Officer.

What do you do at the Hub?

My role is Senior Fuel Poverty Officer, and I am part of the Local Energy Advice Demonstrator team. We support projects delivering in-person energy advice to hard-to-reach people or who live in hard-to-treat buildings.

What made you want to get into the net zero sector?

My architecture background initiated my interest in improving building occupants’ quality of life through the built environment. Then my postgraduate studies on sustainability and energy technology gave me an understanding of the impact buildings have not only on the occupants but on the environment.  I found the perfect combination of my interests and expertise in the Net Zero sector. Also working for public authority represented the opportunity of getting to more people and buildings through a large-scale project.

What has your greatest success been?

My greatest success has been to continue working in a sector that has the same values and priorities as myself. Working on fuel poverty not only contributes to occupants’ thermal comfort but also eases the economic pressure and related mental health consequences of it.  It has been rewarding learning how to implement sustainability strategies on a large-scale project and navigating the challenges of a demonstrator project. I am eager to continue growing and finding ways to achieve Net Zero target on a global scale.

What role has the Hub played in supporting your journey?

The relevance the Hub gives to empower and contribute to the colleagues’ continuous learning. Reaching Net Zero is an ambitious target that motivates me to keep working towards a common benefit not only for the UK but also for the globe.

Join us tomorrow for our final article in the series!